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Greetings and welcome to TeleGospel! We greet you in the name of our precious Lord Jesus Christ. If you come across this page we want to let you know that your presence here is very important and that this message is written for you.

As you may know there are a lot of mainstream media in the world that are mostly sponsored by big corporations and businesses. But as for the gospel the Lord leaves it to us to preach and spread to the four corners of the world. The new digital age is upon us and it is our duty to use it to the best and highest possible ways so that we can reach our brothers and sisters who are now living in this new virtual world. People now spend most of their time online in social media and on their smart phones. We need to reach out to them so they can remain exposed to the gospel. It is a great vision that does not come without a price.

We at TeleGospel vow to reach out to those who are unsaved, tired and weary. We need to let them know Jesus still on the throne. Moreover, we need to reach out to those who belong in the kingdom that are still wondering around in the world and let them know Jesus is looking for them.

This mission is for you and I to complete and it is for this reason we write you this statement. We are asking you to join us in this project. Our site has no ads and we do not charge no one to feature their message, music or video in this network. Therefore, Feel free to give and always remember that when God ask for something is because He has something greater to give. We stand on the word of God and we are asking you to believe with us. Click on the picture above and with faith watch how God can work miracles.