Watch us on Roku
Roku Player is the next best thing: Roku is a a small box or stick that can fit in the palm of your hand.

Once you buy the box starting from ($29.99 – $129.99) you are good to go. No monthly fees all you need is your TV and the internet. (There are some TVs that come with internal Roku too)

You can purchase the box online at or Amazon or you can purchase it at your local electronic stores such as Bestbuy, Radio-shack, Walmart, PC Richardson, Khols, HHGreg, Sears and many other stores.

It doesn’t matter which one you buy, they all good to watch TeleGospel. Some are faster than others to navigate and some are more fancy but they all do the job.

Roku players make cable and satellite even better, or can be an affordable alternative to pay TV.

Setup is effortless

Just connect your Roku streaming player to your wireless network and your TV, or connect your Roku TV to your wireless network, create a Roku account, (for free) and start streaming.

Once you done set up your Roku player with your TV just go to “Streaming Channel” “Search Channels” search for TeleGospel and install the APP. The APP will install in the Home Screen click on it to play.